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What people are saying about us?

Hello friend..

I have received all items successfully..

I would like to thank you for your high quality products and knid treat..

I really like all product (bags, shoes, sunglasses).

Thank you for your honest and for your great effort..

I will order again some more product soon..

I forgot to mention that I’m your satisfied customer :)

This is my fourth order with you and will not be the last..

Thank you..


Elaf,Saudi Arabia (2024-01-24)



I would like to thank you very much!!!

Today I have received my purchase and is so good quality and everything is like I expected.

Thank you again and sorry for mailing many questions before receiving.Definitely I will shop again by you!❤️

Zhorzhiya,Bulgaria (2024-01-12)


Thank you!The bag is here. Beautiful🤩

Anna,United States (2023-11-14)


Thanks! I got the Kelly purse from my past order and love the color!!

Thank you for all your beautiful additions to my wardrobe!🤩

Angela,United States (2023-11-13)


The bag and scarf were just new delivered.Fedex is fast!

Wendy,United Kingdom (2023-11-03)


Dear Sir/Madam,

I acknowledge receipt of the items,

They are good quality,I will definitely order for more.

Next time I will use a different shipping agent so that I can get the items fast.

Thank you

Hellen,Kenya (2023-10-20)


already receiverd. very beautiful. Thank you very much 🙏🏼

Yongwen,United States (2023-09-08)


Omg this bag is perfect just like the photo and looks like the exact real bag. It's so cute! Thank you :)

Katherine,United States (2023-03-08)



I received my order today. I just wanted to let you know.

Thank you very much! 

It is beautiful and I truly do love it; it’s what I have looked for for many years of good quality.

Especially the hardware.

Wes,United States (2023-02-09)


Thank you very much. I got everything. Very happy. Now I will create new order.Thanks again.

Asya,United States (2022-08-09)


Good morning,
My bag was delivered yesterday.
It is a very nice bag, The bag is very nice quality

Joycelyn,United States (2022-05-24)


The replica arrived and it is beautiful!

This is my 3rd one.   Thank you!

Anna, United States (2022-05-19)


Yes just received it - they looks great! I have recommended you to my friends !

Casey, United States (2022-05-04)


Thank you!  The bag came and it is beautiful!  I will be ordering the same bag in beige when it is in stock.  
Zeal does a wonderful replica!

Anna, United States (2022-04-27)


Good Day,
The items arrived today an they are beautiful! I love them and can’t wait for the second package to arrive.
Thank You!
Stay healthy

Esther, Germany (2022-03-14)


Hello, bag finally arrived is beautiful , like the other one from Vuitton,
it is a pleasure to shop from you are very precise and shipments are fast enough taking into account the pandemic ,
I hope to be able to buy something again at your online store soon. Thanks again

annalisa , Italy (2022-01-21)


Thank you so much
Talk to you in my other order  
Kind regards

Dorina , United Kingdom (2021-12-13)


I have received the package. What fast shipping!

The items are absolutely beautiful - thank you so much for your excellent customer service.

I'll certainly be shopping with you again! 

Emily , United States (2021-12-09)


Hi first of all i should say thank you for your great quality 

you are the best, and then thanks a lot for your very fast 

shipping,i live in America and if i order from here 

definitely it takes more than 2 weeks but i order my item 

last week from your site and I receive today!!! 

Can’t believe you are awesome 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Everything perfect and exactly the picture and real item 


Nazila , United States (2021-10-21)



I received my bags and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. 

Marivic , United States (2021-09-16)


WOW FABULOUS there are other words to define the bag you sent me.  
I will be your very trusted customer because you have been top for all DHL shipping at the highest levels sent on July 30th arrived today August 4th taking into account that there was a weekend in the middle.
thank you very much

Annalisa , Italy (2021-08-04)


Hello :)
I have received my latest order today, and I am  very satisfied! I will be back with a new order
Kind Regards

Jæger , Norway (2021-07-31)


Dear friends,

My package has arrived. Its so gorgeous! Thank you so much for the reliable handling.

Best wishes and good luck for the future,

Christina , Germany (2021-07-29)


This order arrived today, thanks for super and quick service. I am very satisfied with the items.
Kind regards

Larsen , United States (2021-07-21)


I got my order today, as usual very satisfided. Thanks alot for good service
Kind regards

Gry , Norway (2021-06-10)


I received the package.
Thank you so much, everything great!

Parisnicole , United States (2021-04-14)


I received my order today and am very happy with the purchase
Thank you

Kathleen , United States (2021-03-16)


hi my friend! I got my order. thank you very much!

Jaine , United States (2021-03-13)


Hello :)
I have received this order today and I am very satisfied. Will be back with a new order in very short time.
Kind Regards
Gry , Norway (2021-01-08)



Today, I have received the 2nd package.

Everything is great.

I will be back in a few weeks.

Great website and customer service!

Thank you.

Parisnicole, United States (2021-01-08)


Ich habe die Ware erhalten.
super schön.

Jessica , Germany (2021-01-05)


I just wanted to tell you, that the shoes arrived today. Everything is very good, thank you very much.

Kind regards
Oliver J, Germany (2021-01-04)


Great bag at a great price, Thanks!

ANH , United States (2020-12-26)


Thank you so much for the products amazing work will order more from your company thank again great job

Sent from my iPhone

ruben, Canada (2020-12-14)


Thank you so much I received my bags today and they are super. Fantastic quality and really well made!

Cathy, Ireland (2020-11-11)


Super the best quality line allways.
Is original.thanks so much.im super happy ans serius selier

Javier , Sweden (2020-10-26)



Elizabeth ,United States (2020-10-24)


This bag is beautiful! Just as pictured. It did take a while to be shipped but the wait was worth it!
Love this bag and have already gotten many compliments.

Katherine ,United States (2020-10-22)


Nice replica bag for the price.  Shipping was pretty fast too, considering it was from China .  Took a little over two weeks to arrive.
Would order from again! :)

Joni ,United States (2020-10-07)


This was a gift and was truly loved. Could not ask for better quality!
The bag is PHENOMENAL! I got complimented by the staff in the Gucci store. Couldn’t be happier!
I’d like to add, this was second purchase with zeal replica, I got the Package insurance.
Package was lost but they honored their word and re-sent package very fast.
I mention bc it shows they’re honorable business people. Thank you 😊

Brian ,United States (2020-09-27)


I have a lot of LV & Prada Originals. The cost is insane and I stumbled on zeal replica.
The Louis Vuitton bag looks AMAZING-FLAWLESS & just like the ones I bought in store!
Service also was friendly and shipment was timely. I have done business with zeal replica since and will continue.
Thank you 🙏

Brian ,United States (2020-09-27)


Received my bag today she is beautiful this my third bag never disappointed love it looks just like picture flawless

thank you again for another beautiful bag and fast shipping received it in 4 days thank you!!!!!

Deborah,United States (2020-09-25)


Hi Zealreplica,

The bag arrived today and it looks great.  It is an excellent replica.

Thank you so much!

Anna,United States (2020-09-17)


The sunglasses arrived and I love them! Will recommend to others. Thank you!

Vera ,United States (2020-09-17)


Amazing purse 👜

Mara , United States (2020-09-12)




I would like to say thank you for your great quality and fast shipping

I have received my order today and just ordered last week and im very happy with my purchases and your fast shipping

Thank you🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Nazila , United States (2020-09-03)



Omg fast shipping and great communication received my bag today

it is more beautiful in person looks just like pictures very happy with my purchase

thank you zealreplica love love my bag will be purchasing again

Deborah , United States (2020-08-22)



The dior saddle bag I bought from you is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. 

Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!

Mary , United States (2020-08-20)


Received the order today.

Very nice material. Next orders will follow soon

Thank you

Erwin , Spain (2020-08-20)

Thank you, recieved the bag. Love it. I will be purchasing another shortly.   Nice communication, thank you.

Gina , United States (2020-08-17)



Hello friend! Received the items! They are perfect. Thank you! 

Lisa , United States (2020-08-17)


Good morning,

My order has arrived yesterday, which was very fast 🙏 thank you, I like the bags. I will be ordering more soon.

Thank you


Sent from my iPhone

Karolina , Australia (2020-08-04)

Yesterday i received the item.
Everything is as described - perfect.
Thank you very much.
Looking forward to doing business with you again.
Best regards

Jure , Croatia (2020-08-01)

Dear friend- I LOVE MY SHOES! And I look forward to working with you again and forever. You have a customer in me!

Thank you for your professionalism. You are appreciated.

Sent from my iPhone

JOCELYNN , United States (2020-07-25)

Hi dear
I want say thank you .. I just got my order .. the bags awesome ..

Lana , Qatar (2020-07-24)

I received the order.
Very happy

svetlana , United States (2020-07-24)

Thank you! I received my package thank you so much!

Chase , United States (2020-07-14)

Just received this bag today. Super fast shipping. GORGEOUS bag. Thanks so much!

Vania , United States (2020-07-14)

I just received those bag and really love it.

My mom and my sister loved it too so we are gonna order a few more from you.

Lilian , United States (2020-07-10)

Hi there,
Good morning
Wish to inform you that I have received the bag and its lovely!!!
Worth the wait!
Thank you once again. I can start shopping for the next bag! :)

Maya , Singapore (2020-07-07)

I got the bags. They are great.
I wanted to purchase more bags on wholesale.

Rao , United States (2020-07-07)

I just wanted to let you know that I received my orders just now. It's Tuesday June 30th.

I am very pleased with my order and I thank you so very much!!!

I will pass along your website to all my friends and extend my pleasure working with you.

Thank you again my friend!!!

Deborah , United States (2020-06-30)

I wanted to let you know that I received my order.  Thank you very much for always responding so quickly to my emails. 

I had a friend who had purchased from you as well and she always had great success when purchasing from you. 

Thank you again!

Lily , United States (2020-06-29)

Thank you for sending package!

I receive today and very happy with quality of bags. I will continue to order from you.

Thank You!

Chris , United States (2020-06-23)

Hello Good evening,

Thanks for the lovely bags. They Look awesome!!!!!
I want to by chanel bags!
Pls let me Know or Send me a link...

Thanks an Many greetings from
Sabine,Germany (2020-06-02)

Thank you 🙏 very much I love ❤️ them !!! Received my order today

BETH , United States (2020-05-27)

Hello Friend,

I just wanted to thank you so much for special ordering this for me,

I have finally received it and the quality is FANTASTIC!! I love it!

Manon , Australia (2020-05-21)

Good afternoon... I got my bag today omg it beautiful... on point look just like the one in the store but better...

my Dior bag is perfect omg thank you soooooooooo much I don’t I leave a. Comment on your site

Sent from my iPhone

Daphne , United States (2020-05-14)


I just wanted to leave a review! I just went and collected my bag, honestly I am so happy with the bag,

it feels very luxurious.

I have the real one and when I compare them they look very similar the real

Bahman , United Kingdom (2020-05-12)

I reserved shoes, thank you very much . Good service i like it

ISMAIL , Saudi Arabia (2020-05-12)

I received my order today and I love the bags and wallets. They are perfect!!!!!!!!

I will be placing another order very soon.

Steven ,United States(2020-05-09)

I received my boots!   Love them and great quality!  I will do business with you again!!

Thank you,

Gwendolyn,United States(2020-04-04)

I have received my Tote Bag Christian Dior and I am very happy because i is perfect.
So I will command you the Tote Bag Dior with panteers if you have this model.
I understand what have happened in China and you have my love.

You know that in France actually we have an epedemia of coranovirus and also we are anxious .

Thank for you. At soon

Brigitte ***, France (2020-03-06)

Dior tote arrived,thank you!Excellent and will highly recommend you to friends.

You have been very professional and keeping me updated.

john ***,United States(2020-03-06)

Hello friend I received my bag and it’s beautiful!! Thank you so much!! I will definitely be ordering more

and I have friends that will order!

I’ll wait until Coronavirus goes away!!!  


Thanks so much, Lisa 

Lisa ,United States(2020-03-06)

Hello today is March 3 and I place my order on February 28.

Thank you so much for getting my package here for my up coming conference.

it is so beautiful!!!! I haven't seen a real one in person but I have seen pictures and this is spot on. I love it!

I plan to build a collection of the book tote. I like this size I think the small would be too little for me.

Look for more orders from me in the upcoming months as I build my replica collection.

Thank you again so much for getting it here so fast It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!


LaTonia 💖🔥💜💗💋🔥👑

latonia,United States(2020-03-04)


I just wanted you to know that I received my bag yesterday. I am happy with the quality and it is a very nice bag.

I already referred your website to two of my friends.


Dario, Canada (2020-02-29)


Elizabeth,United States(2019-12-07)

Dear friend, I received the goods, thank you so much!!
I really loved it!!
thank you!

Erika,United States(2019-11-27)

Hallo, the bag arrived. It is beautiful!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Thank you very much!!!!!

Greets from Germany💐💐💐💐💐

Christina ,Germany(2019-10-24)

I reduced my order today and its perfect I GET! Thank you. I was nervous about wiring money and the quality of the bag,

but it‘s beautiful. 

Jamie,United States(2019-10-19)

Got them today!  Wonderful product.  Thanks!

Bob,United States(2019-09-10)

I wanted to thank you for the order.  Everything was great!


Barbara,United States(2019-08-14)


I hope this e-mail finds you, and finds you well. I received my two beautiful
wallets  today, they are beautifuly made as always.
It was worth it to wait this long, and thank you for your honesty. You fulfilled 
everything you said you would do , and you did it with kindness.  For
everything you did for me I would like to simple say “ Thank You”.

Kleiner,United States(2019-08-09)

Gorgeous!! So amazing,Beautiful!! I HIGHLY Recommend,will be ordering again many other styles!! Im in LOVE!!

Julie E ,United States(2019-06-16)

I love my bag, thank you so much! 

Federico,United States(2019-05-11)

Thank I received my order everything was great , I liked so much the quality of my orders ,

I will continue buying with your great company

Best regards

Elena,United States(2019-05-10)

Thanks my friend. Got my package.. love the LV bag!

vanessa ,Canada(2019-04-26)

Dear friend:

I just reseived the bag.  I'm very happy bc it is so cute......

As soon as I can I'll enter the link to see other brands

Thank you

Rosamari,United States(2019-04-02)

Hello!! My package has arrived! I'm totally excited and very very happy!

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely greetings

K. Anklam,Germany (2019-03-30)


Just wanted to say thank you!

I received the bag, and it’s fabulous, I’m so happy! And the service was excellent as well! Will buy more.

Thank you!!!

Ella ,United States(2019-03-15)

Hi there 
I got package yesterday! 
Thank you so much 
You guys are the best !!

takako ,United States(2019-02-27)

I received my purse today. Everything is perfect. Thank you so much! 

Justin ,United States(2019-01-30)

Hello my friend!
I have received your package with the complete order, very pleased with the articles and the original packages and receipts.
Thanks for your support.

Karina ,United States(2019-01-06)

Dear sirs,
I am glad to inform you that I have just received my order.The bag is excellent and the quality great.
It is what I had expected.The invoice you sent me worked with customs.
Thank you for everything and for assistance and service. 
I will definitely order again. I will also write a recommendation on your site.
Thanks again You are professionals.
Best regards,

finally got the parcel! The bag is superb! Thank you very much!


Hello my friend . I got my stuff today.

I want to thank you once again for an amazing products and quality.

I will be ordering soon from you. Thank you .
Magda.United Kingdom(2018-07-30)

Hi there

We received the 2 bags and we are vvv pleased with them! Thank you so so much.

I will buy more from you


Annabel,United Kingdom(2018-06-26)

thank you for your serious the bag gucci it s very beautyfull !!!!!


Dear Mr. 

I did received my Gucci wallet 453506 red.

I  am very happy to tell you, i am extremely happy with the handy work. I can’t believe it 

is a replica. thank you for your honesty,> You were right. It is perfect. I would like to continue

order from your web side.

Sincerely yours,

yeranik,United States(2018-03-14)

I finally got my gucci ophedia bag! You never fail me! I love it! So happy with my purchase again! 



Hi dear I just got Hermes Sandal and Chanel bag are beautiful !!

I'm very happy for them . Thank you

Takako,United States(2017-09-14)

my friend today my bag is arrived... it's so wonderful many thank's and see you soon


Thank you very much, the bag got to me in very good condition.

The customer service of Zeal proved optimal.

The bag was very nice and close to the one I like it,



Received the bag and very happy with the quality.

Will order more in future.

Will be very helpful if you can send me a whatsapp mobile no where I can share pictures of bags that I want and see if it is available with you.

Thanks again


NS Shetty,India(2017-07-02)

I got my package my LV looks amazing! Thanks so much 

Sandy,United States(2017-02-16)

Dear ZEALY team !Happy Wednesday 

I just got my new ICARE DAMIER Graphite I LOVE IT 

OMG it is so beautiful I will never guess it is a replica!

So happy I discovered you on the web!

I am going to order next week the DAMIER graphite garment bag cover you said you had in stock now ..

Christophe,United States(2016-09-07)

Received my bag and love it. I hesitated to buy from you and so glad I did.

It looks like the real thing.

Carolyn,United States(2016-08-20)

HI, the bag is superb !!!! thank very much,I will buy from you again when I need!




As usual I got my package very fast Thank you so much! 

I love doing business with you and I'll definitely continue to order from you. :)



I just want to let you know I received the bag. I am beyond excited and cannot thank you all enough.

I will be back for a couple more bags next week.

James,United States(2016-02-22)

I have received the bags. It's really nice. I'll buy more in a few weeks

Thanks so much for your service

Thao,United States(2015-12-23)

Hi dear friends!

I got my package and everything looks good! Thabx a lot again! Glad to deal with u!

Artur,Russian Federation(2015-09-05)

I have received the bags yesterday! They are both lovely.Thank you so much.

I would like to purchase a few more.

I will place an order through your website and you can let me know if they are available.

Thank You!!!



WOW....AMAZING!!!! My package just arrived and when I say the bags are FABULOUS....that is an understatement.I could not be more pleased.

In fact - your bags are the best I have seen. I am going to your site and ORDERING MORE TODAY.

I had ordered from another site and the LV bag cost more - and is horrible. Can't wait to "go shopping!!!"

Look for my next order soon' my


With regards,

Nancy,United States(2015-08-22)

Thank you very much for your service,all items are great!

Best regards.

Sent from my iPhone

Balayan,United States(2015-05-18)


I received my items today and I LOVE them!!!!!! 

They smell so good and look wonderful!!!!

Thank you for your great and fast customer service and support! 

I will purchase from you again! 

Nancy,United States(2015-05-15)

Okay Thank You. 

I received my package. all good. will do business again. 


lidia,United States(2015-05-08)

The order has been delivered.
I really like the bag! It's my best purchase. I will shop more soon. Thanks!

rita, Italy(2015-04-29)

Dear Seller I ve got this order, everything is great,all shoes sizes are suits good,quality perfect,thank you sooooo much!!!

Best regards.

Sent from my iPhone.

Balayan,United States(2015-04-28)

Hi there,

I received my bag and it is really good! I really love it, thank you so much for your help and I cannot wait to order again,



Ok, tomorrow I will do the bank transfer.

I received the other two bags, they are very nice!


I ve got the parcel with 4 belts and they are great,very good,thank you so much) 

Best regards.

Balayan,United States(2015-04-02)

My friend thank you very much . Bag is beautiful  will recommend you to all my friends at work .

Sent from my iPhone

Magdalena,United Kingdom(2015-01-21)

Hi,We got the bags - they’re so beautiful.  Thanks so much!!

Happy new year!

Blair,United States(2015-01-07)

I received my shoes and belt, they are sooooo great and exactly the same as original and im so happy ,

and thanks , and i keeping up buying from you, thanks :)

Kamali,United States(2014-09-08)

I recieved my items today they are soooo gooood thank so much and im so haopy that i find you

Nazila,United States(2014-08-12)

Hello dear ; I would like to thank you for my beautiful sunglasses, fast delivery, good packaging and everything else.

I am very happy with my purchase ! From now on , you will have a client forever! Regards                                                  

Lill,United Kingdom(2014-07-10)

Good morning

Delivered the perfect bag beautiful!!!

Thank you



I just received my bags and I am very satisfied!!! Thank you!

I want to order  tomorow again


Dear ZR support , I am happy to announce that the parcel has just arrived to my house and the bag is BEAUTIFUL ! 

Thank you very much ! ZR from now on will have me as a client forever ! ZR Service is amazing! 

Thank you again. 

Lill,United Kingdom(2014-06-16)

Dear Friend,

I received my package yesterday.

The bag is very, very nice and good quality. I'm so happy. Next time I will order from you again.

Thank you so much,

Best regards



I have recieved my order the last week. It is wonderful and even better than the pictures.

I promis that i will be your faithfull customer, and i am looking for long term business with you.

I hope you can remember my name.

Thanks a lot,

Kholod,United States(2014-05-07)


My stuff. They arrived today. They are really beautiful!!

Thank you very much for the excellent service. It is really wonderful. I'll  see you soon.

They are actually identical to the original.

Thanks a lot for everything.

Best regards!!



I've received my bagpack just yesterday and I am really satisfied with it.

Will definitely get more in the future ya! Thank you so so much!! 



Today I got my orders. Thank you very much, all of them are so beautiful and good.

Thank you very much again. See you. Bye


Hello again,

I just received the light blue crock veins Hermes Birkin and it is beautiful! Thank you. 

I can't wait to see the black you just shipped me yesterday!


Natalie(a very happy customer, and I have sent you much business through my friends from Hawaii, California and Nevada).

Natalie,United States(2014-02-20)

Thank you for your help.  I received my bag quickly with your very fast shipping. 

I am very pleased and will order again from you very soon.

I wish you again a very happy new year.

Dani,United States(2014-02-04)


I received my beautiful bags and just wanted to thank you for your help!

Kind Regards


Dear friends,

I received my order today and really want to thank you. The both bags are gorgeous and your service quick and perfect.

Thank you for the little present within.

I am sure you'll be getting furthers purchases from me and my friends.

Have a really nice Christmas holidays. Best,


I like the bag and its quality. Keep your good work continueous.  Thanks for the quick delivery also.  

Saira,United States((2013-11-16)


the bag arrived! It looks like i saw in your web site, and more. Also the packaging was perfect.

See you soon

Thanks a lot, 


I have receive my order and i am very happy, everything is so beautiful and thank you so much for the LV gift
I Will order again on your website, you are very profesional.
Thank you ! 


Hi,i have olready receive the bag and I like it.I will order some other colours tomorrow...thank you a lot


The bag is beautiful and thank you for the keychain ! I will place another order this week :)

Suon,United States(2013-08-21)

Came the Celine bag is beautiful!

thank you very much! thanks homage (keychain)

I will keep in mind your site!


Maura P.Italy((2013-08-19)


Just want to say that I LOVED my new bags!!!

You guys gained a customer!!!!

Thankkkk youuuuu so much!!!

Bibiana, United States((2013-07-12)

I have received the handbag and it is perfect, thanks!!

Thanks for the bag is just like the photo good replica i will order again




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